Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes: Some Thoughts On The Night

Unless you live under a rock, you should know that every year the Hollywood Foreign Press throws one of the biggest Award shows/parties in Hollywood. The show is The Golden Globes and its open bar, so look out for drunk celebrities! Last night, some very big things happened. Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture as well as Best Director, Screenplay, and Soundtrack. Anna Paquin won Best Actress in a TV Drama; and Kate Winslet finally won, not one, but two awards for her acting. She made history as the only actor to ever win twice at the Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress(The Reader) and Best Actress(Revolutionary Road). Her acceptance speech was wonderful. She was genuinely shocked and in tears. She professed her undying (sisterly) love for Leonardo Dicaprio and her undying love for her husband, and Director, Same Mendes. Finally, the other amazing thing that happened...MICKEY ROURKE WON BEST ACTOR FOR THE WRESTLER! This was a truly incredible thing. Mickey had been out of the business for a long time. If you had told me last year if I thought that this year, Mickey Rourke would be in such an amazing movie and that he'd win the best actor Golden Globe, I'd have told you that you were nuts! In his acceptance speech, he kept alive his bad-ass image and at the same time, showed a sentimental side that has never really been associated with him. He thanked his dogs saying that when you're all alone, they can be what keeps you going. So that basically sums up what I thought of the Golden Globes. But I wasn't really watching them, and you will find out why in my next post...

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