Monday, January 12, 2009

I'd take that "coffee talk" scene to the grave if I had known this was coming out...

One would think that, with such a good cast and the writer of Inside Man, that Righteous Kill would be a really good movie; unfortunately that couldn't be further from the truth. The producers seemed more concerned about getting the two screen legends together than putting together a solid story. It has even been reported that the script was written around Deniro and Pacino and they signed on before the script was written. The film is so chock full of cliches it makes me wonder if, rather than using an idea as a jumpoff point for the script, they simply decided to see how many cop drama cliches they could cram into a movie. Now I want to be fair in this review so I will say, the acting was solid, but was that not to be expected with such a talented cast? Righteous Kill plays out like a tired, crummy magic trick. The audience is led to believe certain things throughout the film that are beat into our skulls as if the filmmaker is overcompensating for his bad film and at the very end, the twist is revealed so suddenly and so randomly it asks the audience to surrender their intelligence and just accept it. The bottom line is, the two greatest actors alive today deserve so much better.

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