Monday, January 12, 2009

You Might Not Get It, But My Film Professor Will...

Hello and welcome to the blog. My name is Zach and I am a film student in Columbia, MD. I'm sure most of you are wondering what "Mis En Scene" means and as the title of this post says, you might not get it, but my film professor will. Mis En Scene literally means "placing on stage." It refers to the arrangement of all the visual elements of a theatrical production within a given playing area- the stage. And has 4 formal elements:
1. The physical setting and d├ęcor,
2. The staging of the action,
3. The manner in which these elements are framed.
4. The manner in which they are photographed
A filmmaker can manipulate the viewer’s attention by using contrasts, movement, narrative emphasis, and visual patterns. Using the illusion of three dimensional space, a director can position figures to suggest relative strength or weakness. The screen may be viewed as a window (open form) or as a framing proscenium arch (closed form).

Basically through this blog, my goal is to shed light on various aspects of filmmaking and to hopefully open your mind to films you probably never thought to rent at your local blockbusters. I want to be able to give my opinions on current films in release and give commentaries on the classics. Hopefully, after reading my posts, you will know what movies are good, and what to see on Friday nights when you head to your local movie theatre.

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